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Collaborate, Innovate, and Deliver with Premier Packaging

What Sets Us Apart

Differentiating your packaging is essential to stand out in a competitive market. Your packaging is often the very first thing a consumer will see, and as the saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Given the significance of this initial interaction, it's crucial to ensure that your packaging design is not only visually appealing but also effectively communicates your brand's identity and values. By considering factors such as design, functionality, sustainability, and consumer preferences, we create packaging that not only protects your product but also enhances its appeal and marketability. 

Our Ethos

We surpass mere problem-solving, aiming to deliver exceptional experiences. We prioritize understanding and valuing our customers, actively listening to feedback to enhance both our operations and your business efficiency.

Our Expertise

Premier Packaging Corp takes pride in its ability to consistently deliver exceptional service and top-notch packaging solutions while maintaining competitive and affordable pricing. Our commitment to offering unparalleled value to our customers sets us apart in the industry and ensures that every client receives the highest standard of quality without compromising their budget.

Folding Cartons

Premier Packaging is a distinguished industry leader renowned for its exceptional expertise in developing cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and sustainable packaging solutions that set new industry standards.  We harnesses state-of-the-art technology to expertly manufacture a wide range of paperboard boxes, catering to diverse packaging needs across various industries.

Sustainable Packaging

Premier is committed to working toward a cleaner environment through research, design, and implementation of packaging solutions that are innovative and more sustainable.

Through creative design, careful material selection, and best practices at the plant level, Premier is able to minimize waste, reduce energy use and emissions, reduce shipping costs, and increase efficiencies – all of which support a sustainable use of resources and cultivate a positive emotional connection to the brand.

Structural Design

From concept through completion Premier provides an array of design services. Whether creating custom folding cartons or captivating displays we always focus on meeting the needs of our customers. Our services include:

  • Structural design, using ArtiosCAD software

  • Package improvements

  • Prototypes

  • Die line exchange

Your Trusted Domestic Packaging Partner

As a domestic supplier for folding carton packaging, Premier Packaging offers several key advantages:

  1. Streamlined Logistics: By manufacturing domestically, we ensure timely deliveries and reduce transit risks.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Our focus on bespoke designs meets individual customer needs while maintaining consistent quality and excellence.

  3. Supporting Local Industries: Choosing Premier Packaging supports local businesses and fosters sustainable practices.

Make your packaging procurement experience easy, simple, and smooth with Premier Packaging

We Plan, We Create,
We Deliver

Premier Packaging has the expertise, experience and technology to successfully deliver a wide range of innovative, specialty packaging solutions

What We Provide 


When it comes to packaging design engineering, it is important to strike a balance of structural integrity, appearance, and cost. Our custom packaging design services are not material, equipment, or location centric but rather are 100% focused on presenting the best possible solution that is tailored made for you and your product.


Premier's cutting-edge prepress department plays a pivotal role in bringing your packaging to life within the retail environment.


Premier’s offset printing presses with flexographic coating units stand at the forefront of package printing technology, offering an unparalleled blend of cost-effective innovation and environmental sustainability.


Our skilled team leverages the latest die-cutting techniques to craft structural and decorative folding carton designs that not only captivate but also inspire.


In the highly competitive retail landscape of today, it is crucial to design packaging that stands out on the shelf. Employing specialized finishing techniques like embossing and debossing adds a unique and dimensional quality to your product, setting it apart from competitors.


Hot foil stamping, often referred to as hot foil transfer decoration, brings an element of sophistication and heightened perceived value to packaging, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Flexible windows, akin to cellophane, introduce a fresh dynamic to packaging, establishing a visual connection between the package and the actual product.


Premier prides itself on its wide range of capabilities with its cutting-edge folder/gluer technology.  Our state-of-the-art gluing equipment allows us to provide you with more packaging design options with faster turnaround and reduced costs.


Premier offers contract packaging services. With capabilities in packaging design, product procurement, assembly, and distribution we offer customers a turnkey solution through a single-source supplier.

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