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Structural Design

It all starts with a well-designed structure

When it comes to packaging design engineering, it is important to strike a balance of structural integrity, appearance, and cost. Our custom packaging design team is 100% focused on presenting the best possible solution that is tailored made for you and your product.

Customer Focused

From conceptualization to execution, Premier offers a comprehensive range of design services. Whether crafting bespoke folding cartons or captivating displays, our steadfast commitment is to consistently meet the discerning needs of our clientele. Our suite of services encompasses:

  • Structural design, using ArtiosCAD software

  • Package improvements

  • Prototypes

  • Die line exchange


Fast Turnaround

Premier's commitment to you is reflected in our outstanding service. Our staff routinely turns projects around in less than two days and can transmit conceptual ideas using any of the following methods:

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • Email

  • Disk

  • Teams, WebEx, and Zoom video conferencing.

First Moment of Truth

Many know packaging's role at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) and Second Moment of Truth (SMOT). But with e-commerce's rise, secondary packaging now supports the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).  A meticulously designed package that pleasantly surprises or delights consumers can set a product apart, reaffirm the positioning of an upscale or luxury brand, and enhance visibility of the company's sustainability endeavors.

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