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Flexibile Windowing

Enhancing Packaging Appeal with Flexible Windows.  Flexible windows, akin to cellophane, introduce a fresh dynamic to packaging, establishing a visual connection between the package and the actual product. This forward-looking technique elevates the visual attractiveness of the packaging while also offering consumers an enticing preview of the item within. It serves as an ideal method to capitalize on the brand value of the primary container or logo, fostering a compelling association that resonates with prospective customers.

Maximize Visibility and Package Integrity

Premier’s windowing packaging solutions are meticulously engineered to showcase your product while ensuring it remains safe and secure throughout the distribution process. Explore our innovative windowing designs tailored to enhance brand visibility and consumer experience.


Premier's windowing capabilities include the application of flexible (polyester) windows which provides the following:

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Flexible substrate ideal for curved structures


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