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Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping, often referred to as hot foil transfer decoration, brings an element of sophistication and heightened perceived value to packaging, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

With a wide range of color and finish options, this technique stands as the exclusive method capable of imparting vibrant, non-fading metallic effects to both paperboard and plastic materials. Moreover, foils can be further enhanced through overprinting or embossing, magnifying their visual impact and appeal.

Foil Types

  • Diffraction/Patterned Foils

  • Flat Foils

  • Gloss Foils

  • Holographic Foils

  • Metallic Foils

  • Pearlescent Foils

  • Rainbow Foils

Benefits of Hot Foil

Hot foiling can offer a luxurious look and feel, and can help to reinforce the value of a product. It's often associated with premium products, and can be used strategically to elevate packaging design.


Hot foiling can also create visible labels, which can help products stand out in physical and online stores. The metallic sheen of stamped foil can catch the light, and is easy for the camera to capture.

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