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"How Premier's New 105,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Will Revolutionize Sustainable Fiber-Based Packaging Solutions"

For over 25 years, Premier has been a market leader in providing solutions for paperboard packaging from consumer retail packaging and heavy mailing envelopes, to sophisticated custom folding cartons and complex 3-dimensional direct mail solutions. Premier’s innovative design team delivers packaging that provides functionality, marketability, security, and sustainability.

Since 2019, the new management team has accelerated the transformation of Premier’s operations, investing in new state of the art manufacturing equipment, people, and processes to increase its capacity, improve quality and delivery, and ensure it has the resources to support its growing customer base and their evolving supply chain demands.

“We continue to build on our momentum and bolster our foundation amidst growing customer demand for our products and services,” added Bruce Stratton, VP of Operations at Premier. “With our investment in the latest technology, greater access to major interstates nearby, and a closer proximity to the strong Rochester workforce, our new facility is well suited to continue to support our existing customer base and provide the conduit to achieve our aggressive growth plans.”

The new facility, located in the Town of Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester, NY, approximately 15 miles from Premier’s current operations in Victor, NY, more than doubles its operating space, expanding the facility from approximately 42,000 square feet today to more than 105,000 square feet.

“I am proud of the fortitude and ongoing dedication of our team. They have gone above and beyond to meet the essential packaging needs of our customers, thus allowing their businesses to continue running during a unique time in history,” said Premier Packaging’s President and CEO and DSS COO, Jason Grady. “We continue to expand Premier’s staffing as we near the February opening of the new facility and ultimately expect to grow our staff count by more than 50% from prior levels. In addition to increasing our workforce, we are also investing approximately $12 million in CAPEX into the new facility, with the addition of new equipment and engineering a lean manufacturing process tailored to increase efficiencies and ultimately improve our delivery to our customer needs.”

Premier specializes in creating innovative foldable, fiber-based packing solutions that provide a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging solutions. By designing packaging that uses more environmentally friendly materials, while minimizing the amount of packaging material required, Premier, and its customers, are able to reduce their carbon footprints and lessen the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

“Positive developments continue across all facets of our operation and with our people,” continued Grady. “We have taken the measures needed to keep our employees safe during the pandemic and continue to implement safety protocols from what we’ve learned over the past two years. We are adding talent in key areas while increasing operational efficiencies to strengthen our foundation and provide world-class customer service to our customers.”

About Premier Packaging Corporation

For over 25 years, Premier Packaging has been a market leader in providing innovative solutions for paperboard packaging. As the consumer packaging division of DSS, Inc., Premier offers its customers a full range of services, including package design, prototyping, manufacturing, inventory management, and logistical and fulfillment services. Premier services a variety of both nationally and regionally based accounts, including customers in the nutraceutical, personal care, medical device, consumer goods, photo marketing and food industries. Premier differentiates itself by being a full service, end-to-end solution provider that is large enough to be a complete resource to its largest clients while remaining agile enough to address evolving market trends and customer demands. Learn more at


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